UX Research

I collaborate with teams to define research goals, develop a methodology, then identify and recommend the actions needed to move forward with the project based on findings.

Formative Research

This kind of research is qualitative and uncovers the narrative behind a person’s actions. These insights are key to understanding who users are and why they are taking (or not taking) the actions in the experience.

One-on-One Interviews
Field Study
Card Sorting
Collaborative Design

Summative Research

This kind of research is quantitative and uncovers where certain actions and behaviors take place. The insights gathered in this research is key to understanding what users are doing and how they move through an experience.

Usability Testing
Heuristic Analysis
Survey Design
A/B Studies


At the end of each research effort I create a deliverable (sometimes a bulleted list or an in-depth presentation document) that reflects the process of the study, key findings along with supporting quotes or visuals and recommendations on how to move forward based on what was learned and the goals.

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