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This was a project for Motivis Learning. Motivis Learning is an education technology startup focused on creating software for Competency-based Education (CBE). The Learning Relationship Management platform (or LRM) allows schools to capture the entire student learning journey using data from academics, clubs and student groups, attendance and registration, and more.

The goal was to create an app that helps instructors capture student learning in real time and save it to grade at a later time and even submit for accreditation.


Many schools, including public schools in the state of New Hampshire, needed a way to capture student learning examples at the moment it was happening in order to report back for state accreditation. I was tasked, along with an app developer to create a mobile experience that would allow this.


The Field App was a project we wanted to get in front of instructors quickly to iterate on. We needed to identify the most relevant features for instructors so I created wireframes that the developer made interactive for testing.


  • The app allowed instructors to take photo or video of what was going on in the classroom and attach them to assignments and projects within the rest of the learning platform,
  • We built a functional app to test with users in a few weeks which tested well with instructors in the classroom

Stakeholder Interviews and Discovery

Motivis Learning's customer success team had collected feedback from partners for what a mobile app experience might entail so I gathered the existing data as a starting point. I then interviewed the CEO who made the initial ask for a mobile app and then the members of the customer success team.

Since the developer had already built functionality we defined business requirements for a minimum viable experience and rapidly iterated.

Content Audit and Heuristic Review

The developer had created a UI with all the functionality requested. I was tasked with organizing the features in a way that would be intuitive. Before I started designing, I did an audit of all the features and reviewed the overall experience to determine how usable it was.

There was a lack of visual hierarchy and a user would need to click into several pages before starting the process of capturing a student's work so one of the goals was to simplify each interaction.

App Map

Defining Scope and Interactions

After auditing the initial app, the developer and I went through each of the features to determine what was actually feasible in the short time we had to work on it and what we needed to move to the backlog. We uncovered that some of the features the app could handle couldn't work with the desktop version so we picked the features that would work both ways so the system as a whole would remain consistent.

Examples of sketches on the whiteboard

Creating the prototype

I took to Sketch to create medium-fidelity wireframes that we could validate with teachers. The challenges from teachers we were looking to solve were how to easily capture a picture and edit it to include assignment information and how to connect work with the student who produced it.

I also created a user flow diagram to help the developers when they coded the experience. For the testing, we used Invision to create a clickable prototype.

Home Screen
Course Detail
Upload options wireframe
Example of upload details wireframe
Select Student
Student Detail
Activity Feed All
Today Calendar

Evaluation of the Experience

One instructor we tested with this understood the conceptual model of the experience but shared that his sixth graders are independent and they each have their own devices to do work. His school used Google Classroom to capture student learning and students could submit without the need to the instructor. He offered however that opening this functionality to students to submit to the teacher would be really useful, since teachers have limited time as it is and it would free them up to focus on student learning instead of the logistics of collecting work to be assessed.

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