Building 36 Website Redesign

Building 36 creates a practical home automation system for homeowners looking for peace of mind from the pains of homeownership. As part of a startup team with limited resources, we needed to redesign our website to accurately reflect the benefits of the system.

However, Building 36 doesn’t sell directly to the end user, they sell to HVAC companies, plumbers, and electricians called dealers who in turn sell to homeowners.

Key Outcomes

  • Provide resources for dealers selling to homeowners
  • Articulate the benefits of the system to homeowners researching for themselves
  • Create brand recognition
  • Explain the business model clearly and concisely

Designer, Marking Coordinator

My Responsibilities
UX Research & Design, Digital Strategy, Visual Design


The existing website wasn’t articulating what the benefits were how the system worked, and our relationship with home service providers. We needed to do a deep dive to understand our customers, end users and the market we were selling in.

I conducted interviews with all the key stakeholders including, the CEO, VP of Sales, Marketing Coordinator, Operations Associate

I created a ten-question customer survey designed for sales technicians to ask while on call with technicians which highlighted the biggest struggles of selling the system.

Contextual inquiry plus a usability test that helped to identify the content on the site that needed work and what attitudes and behaviors users had around homeownership.

Audits on websites and offerings of competitors helped us understand our key differentiators as a product,  and what would resonate with our target audience.

1. The existing content too technical and not relevant to customers
2. The main value in a system like this is home protection is peace of mind
3. Homeowners who will get a system like this are likely to have had damage to their home before

UX Design

Our main focus became remedying the pains of homeownership when things go wrong like pipes freezing or over spending on electricity.

I broke out each product and feature sets according to the different systems within a home plus places for additional resources for homeowners and dealers and information about Building 36 as a company to build credibility

Navigtion and site structure for building 36 redesign

The functionality of the site needed to be addressed in wireframes. Since on the original site, the information was too technical and all of the features in different locations, the wireframes highlighted the practical ways homeowners could use the system organized by parts of the home people would be familiar with.

Medium Fidelity Wireframes for Building 36 Marketing Site
Interior page of website to show how information would be structured

Visual Design

The design emphasizes values such as simple to use, supportive, reliable and honest. We went with the fonts Sanchez and Lato. The thick slab serif conveys a strong, stableness for the headers while Lato is easy to read on computer screens as well as print. The colors green, blue, orange and the neutral grays offered a sense of approachability and ease of use. We relied heavily on images and iconography to tell the story along with the copy.


Homepage design articulating the value proposition, social validation and explaining the relationship with dealers.


Interior page to explain the system as a whole.


Fully responsive pages so dealers and homeowners can search from their phones. This, in particular, is a product page nested under solutions.


Analytics showed a huge improvement in site activity after launch. Site traffic increased by 72% in organic searches and the bounce rate went down by 5% as users were better able to navigate between our product offerings.

Customers also benefited from having the new website as a resource for technicians when in homes.

laptop on a desk with Building 36 Website pulled up

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