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Motivis Learning is an education technology startup focused on creating software for Competency-based Education (CBE). The Learning Relationship Management platform (or LRM) allows schools to capture the entire student learning journey using data from academics, clubs and student groups, attendance and registration, and more.

Some schools have coaches, mentors, and advisors that are focused on long-term student success. The role of the coach is to help each of their students on a personal level. We needed to build a tool to support the student-coach relationship. 

The problem we needed to solve for was how to help coaches manage the caseload for their students while not taking time away from one-on-one sessions.

Internal Coaching Subject Matter Expert, Project Owner, Director of UX, Lead UX Designer, UX Researcher

My Responsibilities
UX Research, UX Design


I conducted discovery sessions with stakeholders to define goals of the research and recruited deans and coaches from schools to share their experiences.

Initial Interviews
These interviews were with deans or department heads who understood the school’s coaching model at a high level and could speak to the bigger picture of school goals.

Deeper Dive
This was an ethnographic exercise where we met with coaches in their workplace to get a sense of what they needed to do and what hindered them.

Themes and Findings:

  • Coaching was the key part to student success in these programs
  • There was no good way for coaches to switch between developing personal relationships with students on individual levels and managing large caseloads
  • Coaching resources were often spread across different tools and platforms which wasted their time finding everything
  • Coaches needed to record notes and calls for school accreditation


To make sense of all the data we collected, and what the experience needed to accommodate the needs of the coaches, I created UX artifacts including user flows and a coach persona to assist the designer.

Coach Carlos became our shorthand for all we learned about coaching. In creating this persona we focused on the challenges and goals of the coach–information that was relevant to the approach of the design.


We focused on the creation and management of weekly meetings the coaches needed to have with students.

Diagram of the screens and actions a user needs to take in the coaching experience

Wireframing and Interaction Design

First on a whiteboard, and then in Axure we worked together at each step. I helped the Lead UX Designer understand the steps that coaches needed to take and then he created the wireframes we would use to validate our assumptions with other coaches.

Whiteboard with Coaching Experience mapped out

The Lead UX Designer and I mapped out each screen first on the board to determine if we captured all the interactions and pages needed to reach all the coaches' goals.

sample coach wires

This is an example of the Check-in page that we used in usability testing with coaches.

Evaluation with Users

Using Axure, the UX Lead put together a clickable prototype that we used to test with coaches from partner schools. I recruited coaches to walk through the experience remotely using Zoom meeting’s share screen feature.

In the experience we prototyped, the academic coaches understood how to create a check-in, evaluate the check-in and manage all of their students. One of the insights we uncovered what that the questions to capture the check-in data weren't quite right so we needed to change it in the next version.

Our interaction designs needed some tweaks but overall, the experience resonated with coaches since it addressed their biggest pain points.

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