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Motivis Learning Help Center


As the Motivis Learning product matured we had to provide the customer, students and teachers with resources to help navigate the Motivis Learning platform. With help from teams across the company, we stood up a help center using ZenDesk.

The Team

  • UX Researcher
  • Director of UX
  • UX Designer
  • Customer Success
  • Technical Writer

Key Outcomes

  • Move user guides away from static PDFs that are lengthy and hard to keep updated to an easier management tool
  • Provide users extra support they need to achieve their goals for the product
  • Minimize case-load for Customer success

My Responsibilities

UX Strategy, UX Research


The customer success team installed Zendesk as a way to manage support tickets and some of the documentation they provided needed revision and organization.


Each team brought in to help with the project had different goals for the project so we all needed to get on the same page. I conducted ethnographic research with one of our partners, stakeholder interviews, and competitive analysis to better understand the scope of the project.


We offered a lot of different kinds of help documents for our users and needed to organize it. With the team, I facilitated a workshop where we defined assumptive personas and determined their needs. Then with help from Customer Success, we audited all of our existing content to identify gaps in our resources for each of the personas.
Personas and Content

Defining the Experience

Zendesk only allows for three levels of organization: Categories, sections and then labels. Each article needed to be placed within those. We could organize the structure of the help center to match 1:1 with the roles we cater to in our app and based on the feedback from existing customers we had a base for how to organize the content within the Help Center. One to one content alignment
Here you can see the navigation of the product for the student role and how it aligns with the content management of Zendesk on the right.

Wireframes: The next following version of the support center page accounted for different goals a user might have coming to the site for the first time. Arranging content by role.
Help Center Wireframes


We were able to launch the first version of the help center in time for the following major release. outcomes breakdown Tablet Graphic Created by Amanda Murrin
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Category :
  • Case Study
Skills :
  • UX Research