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Mobile App Research Concept

This project was a UX Research exploration that involved formative research to define a UX problem and summative research to evaluate a proposed solution.


Collation is an app that helps people who are looking to kick the habit of compulsive phone/device checking. Whether it is texting and driving or reading status updates at the dinner table.

Key Outcomes

  • Find out why people compulsively check their phones
  • Determine the extent of which ‘Fear of Missing Out’ has on compulsive device usage.
  • Discover the audience of people looking to curb their device usage.
  • Create a prototype solution for this concept
  • Validate with users solution



I created a survey to discover device preferences (apps, carriers, phone manufacturers) and feeling towards them. It captured frequency of phone use and more tangible qualities across a wider range of participants. Then to go deeper I conducted meetings with smartphone users to narrow down specifics as to when, where and how they use their phone on a day to day basis. Survey Data 1 for Collation Survey Data 2 for Collation


I narrowed down the feedback from my survey to people ages 18-24 who want to reduce the amount they are on their phone and looked out the interviews I conducted that fit the same profile and organized the data from there.


The empathy map helped identify the areas of phone use that caused the most anxiety. I decided on an app that aggregates all notifications from preferred contacts so the content they share isn’t missed. Storyboard for Collation Concept


The last step was to see if this solution made sense to smartphone users. I called it Collation because it was a way to quickly sift through large amounts of information to surface the information that’s the most important. The prefix “co” suggests a relationship. I used tools like Facebook Ads, Launchrock, and UserTesting to validate the concept and the solution.

Problem Validation: By investing some money into Facebook and Instagram Ads I could validate that people wanted a way to manage the content on their phone to curb the feeling of missing out.

Solution Validation: I used Launchrock as a way to tease the idea of the app and see if it was compelling enough solution to have people sign up for updates. While people understood was the app was for, they expected more information of how it would function before putting in their email. Collation Landing Page
Client :
  • Personal Project
Category :
  • Case Study
Skills :
  • Mobile
  • UX Research
  • UX Strategy