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Inflexion Mobile App Concept

Inflexion is a conceptual project where people use a mobile app to create messages using shapes, color, and typography in order to convey the tone of voice and non-verbal communication that is lost in textual communication.


The challenge here is to create an experience where people can self-identify their emotions in order to create the right corresponding visuals.

Key Outcomes

  • Define and implement a strategy to identify pains around textual communication and propose a solution
  • Designed experience to help users to convey tone of voice in messages
  • Identify ways to help people identify emotions in text

My Responsibilities

Project Planning, UX Research & Design, Visual Design

My Process


I conducted interviews with subject matter experts, prospective users and gathered insight on design and color psychology to inform the direction of the project.

UX Design

After gathering and analyzing the data, I created the user flow and some low fidelity wireframes to understand the scope of what the app needed to be. Users would put in their message, select their feeling then generate the visual to send. One of the most important interactions of the app is selecting the right emotions 
for the message. In the higher fidelity wireframes I flushed out selecting each of the emotions. They are grouped in sets with an easy feeling to identify (happy, sad, upset, angry) and under are more involved emotions like excitement, frustration, melancholy, etc.
Client :
  • Personal Project
Category :
  • Case Study
Skills :
  • Branding
  • UX Design
  • UX Research
  • UX Strategy
  • UX/UI