My New Year’s Resolution

January 4, 2016

It’s January 4th already and I was looking at the goals I set last year around this time. There was a whole laundry list of things I needed to do or wanted to try and inevitably items went unchecked. I have several of these resolutions from years passed scribbled in old journals or in to do lists on my computer, like assignments that never found their due date. This year I started to do the same thing, I made a list of 30 or 40 items long in different categories. When I stopped to look at it I was immediately overwhelmed. I did amazing things in 2015. I graduated with a degree in design, I launched my website, joined a gym. I traveled to Italy and opened a studio, and I didn’t once stop to think about everything I had accomplished and I focused on what I hadn’t accomplished. I tried to fill every inch of my time with meaningless tasks and projects until I started to burn out, and quickly too all in the name of fear that I wasn’t doing enough.

I read something beautiful this year that said I get to decide what is enough. I get to decide when a side project is worth letting go, what is enough to sell my work at, and most importantly I decide what is enough time worth giving to other people. I’ve decided this year that what I will accomplish will be enough.

This year I have one item on my list. It is to take care of myself however I can and instead of writing down what I want to do and what I dream to do and what I have to or need to do–I’m going to write down what I have done that promotes taking care of myself and finding a balance. I resolve to make a series of small choices that will result in good habits, and I will treat my time with the same respect I treat the time of the other’s around me. I resolve to do what my body needs me to do in order to keep it running normally and I will take the time to care for my soul creatively.


There are hundreds of thing that I might like accomplish someday if I’m lucky, but this year whatever I do, it will be enough.